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Why LaserAge?

LaserAge is a fun game that consumed far too much of my time while touring Europe.  c|net's review states it is a simple shooter game with good graphics and led to my initial interest. It is indeed a classic shoot-evil-space-ships-out-of-the-ether diversion: simple to understand but tough to master.  A caveat: don't get started unless you have some free time!

This guide may help others prevent the irretrievable harm that might come their way from likewise spending unnecessary time learning the game when some clues, pointers and general advice might save them time for more constructive pursuits. I'm not a great player and these pages likely contain errors - please let me know where it could be improved.  Other sites are more likely to keep their sites updated than I am.

To try LaserAge yourself, all you need to know is on this one short introduction page.

After playing a few games to get a feel for LaserAge, the following pages may help you improve your skills.

General Strategies

Alien Guide

Links & Miscellaneous

Wave Guide

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