LaserAge Introduction

Pre-Play Preparations

Download the latest version of the game from - the game's creators, then start it up.

Once LaserAge is running, you may want to click on Menu to go full-screen (note this may compress the screen size of other applications currently running) and turn down the drippy music.  If you're the competitive type, you can enter your name and email address to  later compare your best scores with other players.


To Play

Click Start to start. Then simply use the mouse's left mouse button to fire shots straight up at the evil space aliens, moving the mouse to aim and avoid bombs they'll be dropping on you.

Click the mouse button as often as possible, and move the mouse to avoid damage and general destruction to your ship.


General Pointers

  • There is no way to save a game.  You have to restart each time, presumably to keep people from repeatedly saving games and returning to them after their first mistake.
  • Left mouse button fires.  Right button pauses the game; click on the word "paused" to restart play. The Esc key shuts down the entire game in a hurry - the old boss key. There are no other controls (aside from a cheat mode) that I know of. Check Ingava's site for keyboard controls.
  • There are 100 waves of alien attacks before you win mastery of the universe. These are broken into 4 levels of 25 waves. The current level and wave numbers are listed on the top right of the window.
  • The number at the bottom left of the window displays your power level - the force at which you throw bombs toward the evil aliens. Starting at one, you can increment your destructive force by sending a bomb at the figure, which then becomes a power-up device and drops - like a bomb - towards you.  This is very nice though, so make sure you intercept it to increase your power by a notch.


There's not much else you need to know to start playing the game.