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17031 136th Place SW
Vashon, WA 98070-4420

From: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport To: 136th Pl SW, Vashon, WA 98070-4420
Driving Distance: 16.9 miles Time: 1 hour, 1 minute

Check the Fauntleroy and Seattle (passenger only) Ferry Schedules

Distance Instruction
0.0 1   Depart Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Local road(s) (East) for 54 yds
0.1Bear RIGHT (South) onto Ticketing/Check In [Check In Dr] for 0.3 mi
0.3Bear LEFT (North-East) onto Terminal/Parking/Rental Car Return Acc [North Exit Dr] for 0.3 mi
0.6Continue (North) on North Exit Dr for 1.3 mi
1.8Bear LEFT (North) onto Ramp for 0.6 mi
2.4Merge onto SR-518 (West) for 1.5 mi
3.9Continue (West) on (S) 148th St for 0.7 mi
4.6Turn RIGHT (North) onto Ambaum Blvd SW for 2.1 mi
6.7Bear RIGHT (North) onto 16th Ave SW for 0.6 mi
7.2Turn LEFT (West) onto SW 107th St for 0.3 mi
7.5Continue (West) on SW 107th Way for 0.2 mi
7.7Continue (West) on SW 106th St for 1.0 mi
8.8Turn RIGHT (North) onto Marine View Dr SW for 0.7 mi
9.5Continue (North) on 45th Ave SW for 0.2 mi
9.7Turn LEFT (West) onto SW Wildwood Pl for 0.2 mi
9.8Bear RIGHT (North) onto Fauntleroy Way SW for 153 yds
9.9Turn LEFT (West) onto SW Barton St for 120 yds
10.0  2    *Check timetable* At Fauntleroy-Vashon Isl Ferry Term, take Fauntleroy-Vashon Island Ferry (West)
10.0Take Vashon Hwy SW (South) for 2.3 mi
12.3Bear LEFT (South) onto Vashon Hwy (SW) [Old Vashon Hwy SW] for 0.3 mi
12.6Continue (South-East) on Vashon Hwy (SW) for 1.6 mi
14.2Turn RIGHT (West) onto SW Cove Rd for 2.1 mi
16.3Turn LEFT (South-West) onto McIntyre Rd SW for 0.2 mi
16.6Bear LEFT (South) onto Westside Hwy SW for 0.2 mi
16.8Turn RIGHT (West) onto SW 172nd St for 164 yds
16.9Turn RIGHT (North) onto 136th Pl SW for 87 yds
16.9 3   Arrive 136th Pl SW, Vashon, WA 98070-4420 [136th Pl SW, Vashon, WA 98070]

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