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Arial View of our Lot

House From NE

Busy 132nd Place

132nd Place - Hummingbird Heights

Kim & I are delighted to finally have bought a house: Kim's first & John's second. Kim reports having not lived in any one place for more than about 5 years, and John not too much longer, so we're excited to nest in and focus on something else aside from packing and moving.

A simple farmhouse built in 1916, it has ~750 sq. ft. on each of the two floors plus as much in the partially finished basement. There are also 2 enclosed porches and a shed on an acre of grass and a half acre of steeply sloped brambles looking across Puget Sound and SeaTac to the Cascade Mountains.

Remodeled in the last 15 years, we've only needed to repaint some rooms and do a few odd repairs. Our energies have instead gone into revitalizing a vegetable garden, creating a new flower bed and herb garden. This last summer we buried utility lines, put in outdoor faucets with electrical outlets, created a patio. This fall we will focus on completing a few more gardens (to the right on the photo above) - and planting them before the autumn rains turn them to mud! An entrance arch needs completion too. John's battle with the horribly invasive blackberry/English ivy/bindweed and holly has yielded some new land - but has only just begun.

Most of these shots are from the real estate agents, but you can go to the Photo Gallery (and then click on Vashon near the bottom of the list on the left) to see some more recent pictures with the fruits of our labors.

Note our new address. (Our old Seattle addresses are no longer valid.)

10506 SW 132nd Place
Vashon, WA 98070-3404

We've a map from the ferry to our place. Also check out some fun Vashon web sites.

Kitchen into Living Room

NE Corner of Upper Bedroom & Stairs

Master Bath

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